Life Lately... Via Camera Roll.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

At first, I planned on using this blog as a place where I could write posts about all the tips and tricks I picked up as a professional makeup artist and any other beauty advice I could offer. Naturally, my writing has turned more into a diary. It is now a place I can sort my arsenal of photos, and fill the pages with stories from each adventure and life changing moments that I want to keep forever locked in cyberspace.

I always wanted a place to call my own, I guess somewhere where I felt I could share my love of photography and writing.  So here is little bits from my camera roll of my life lately.

 I've come to the conclusion that enough was enough, and it is time to get healthy. By that I mean, less bread and more protein. 
It has been so hot here in Ontario lately, especially in Toronto. Thank god for blinds and air conditioning. 

I don't know why I waited this long to put the mirror up on the wall like that in our bedroom. Excuse the wrinkled bed sheets I didn't realize someone didn't fold them properly and stuffed them in the drawer instead. 

Our date nights happen regularly, and they normally happen as an excuse to snack on something naughty. #icecreamforthewin 

- Stef xo,