April Showers, bring May Flowers and some BIG changes

Thursday, 4 May 2017

So it's May (insert the justin timberlake meme "It's gonna be maayy!"), and the rainy season has begun, which means our charity baseball fundraiser tournament was cancelled and the parks were closed which included a surprising closing of Toronto Island that left a few foreigners and tourists with a stinge of disapointment on their faces. 

This months rain showers will bring more than just the prenienial buds, and a greener lawn. At the cottage we already have five-flurry-black kittens, and TEN! black puppies who were all born within the last few weeks (If you live in Ontario, Canada I will post more about how to adopt). 

There is so much change in the air, we have been planning some major things and I couldnt be more excited. So here are some pictures from the past month. 

 Ive been treating myself to a few fresh flowers here and there, it is spring after all. 

Since he's had some time off, we got to enjoy weeks at the cottage.  

Here's a photo of what our food looks like when were actually at home, which lately is rare.

I finished this semester, but by the looks of it with whats been happening I highly doubt I will go back next semester.