on becoming a mother

Monday, 20 November 2017

Becoming a mom has been anything but what I thought it would be. When used to think of pregnancy, I have never thought it would be as hard or worrisome like it has been.  Like how pregnancy is so hard on your body or at least it is for me. So far I broke my back tooth which the dentist was unable to save and it was pulled, leaving me with two weeks of painful dry socket (and I’m not a smoker). But even worse that, I was recently diagnosed with gallstones after a few stints at the hospital with agonizing pain in my right side. All of course accompanied by more pain medication, and antibiotics than I would have liked. That of course is the exact opposite of how I had envisioned having my first child. 

What has been the hardest is to mentally prepare for this massive life change. I have always thought that becoming a mom for the first time would be something magical, that I would be exactly the person I wanted to be and that I would be able to give my child every part of me and more. The truth is, maybe your never 100% ready because for the most part your never 100% who you want to be either. Your never quite satisfied with yourself I think. 

While I was reading one of my favourite writers Natalie Jean, I came across this post she made about Motherhood.
She wrote “Because there is never a good time for a baby. So if you sit down and try to find the perfect time for a baby, the baby will never come. Because there is never a good time. So you just go for it. Right? Because all times are right times when all times are wrong times.”. Her ability to turn simple thoughts to words with such truth is my favorite. 

As I sit on the couch writing on this Sunday evening, while I stuff my pregnant self with a generous serving of brownies I just made. I can’t help but to think, "Sometimes life is such a beautiful mess, and you just have to say yes to the beautiful catastrophe”. 

What perfect way that is to describe what having a baby is actually like. 

More to come! because I really just want to have fun writing while I'm pregnant and sitting at home.

April Showers, bring May Flowers and some BIG changes

Thursday, 4 May 2017

So it's May (insert the justin timberlake meme "It's gonna be maayy!"), and the rainy season has begun, which means our charity baseball fundraiser tournament was cancelled and the parks were closed which included a surprising closing of Toronto Island that left a few foreigners and tourists with a stinge of disapointment on their faces. 

This months rain showers will bring more than just the prenienial buds, and a greener lawn. At the cottage we already have five-flurry-black kittens, and TEN! black puppies who were all born within the last few weeks (If you live in Ontario, Canada I will post more about how to adopt). 

There is so much change in the air, we have been planning some major things and I couldnt be more excited. So here are some pictures from the past month. 

 Ive been treating myself to a few fresh flowers here and there, it is spring after all. 

Since he's had some time off, we got to enjoy weeks at the cottage.  

Here's a photo of what our food looks like when were actually at home, which lately is rare.

I finished this semester, but by the looks of it with whats been happening I highly doubt I will go back next semester. 

How to Hide Dark Circles!

Monday, 20 March 2017

As a Professional Makeup Artist, I have been asked this question by women of all ages, skin types, tones, and even by men. I too have also struggled with trying to conceal my dark circles, and it made me self conscience to be seen without makeup at one point. But, luckily for you I have researched the products that actually worked for me and my clients, keep reading to find out what products those are, what they do and how to use them. 

How to Hide Dark Circles

                                              Posted March 20th 2017 by Stephanie Vainer 

1. A Cooling Eye Cream speaks for itself: 

Of course Sephora would have a Cooling Eye Cream 
that is the perfect primer for your colour correcting cream. 
A primer means, you put it UNDER your cream, but after your face has been washed and your moisturizer has been applied.
For a cool $45 you can boost the smoothing of your skins texture, 
support microcirculation, and reduce puffiness and also increases 
circulation to assist in eventually aiding the masking of your dark circles.   

2. Get yourself a colour correcting cream: 

The colour correcting cream works to hide dark circles because it uses the colour theory to contradict the blue, and violets under eye circles, by using range and yellow! 

TIP: The colour correcting cream is used UNDER your foundation and concealer, but OVER your moisturizers. 
This is Erase Paste by Benefit, and you can find it at Sephora for $34.
This has been my favourite colour correcting product,
and I have been using it for years! I actually recently ran
out and I will be going back for another one real soon. 

The best palette in my opinion has always been created by 
Makeup Forever, and you can buy it from Sephora for $49.
I love palettes, if your going to spend the money in my 
opinion should probably be to go for more money. 

3. Simply finish with your usual makeup routine. 

If you want to know how to get rid of them once and for all? Than I have a upcoming post that you may seriously be interested in reading. 

A Sunday Affair

The past year, I have been going over and over again and driving myself crazy thinking about how I am going to start the business of my dreams. I've listened to hundreds of podcasts, read hundreds of books, watched videos, and done almost everything I could think of...but the reality of starting your own business is to actually just start. I dont know why I didn't think of reaching out to a very successful woman I've known for a long time, who is an impressive Indigenous Wedding Planner.
 I want to highlight the indigenous aspect of her because it plays a role in my life and business planning. I want to do a future post on all of it soon, so for now I just wanted to show you what my Sunday was like.

4 Books That Will MAKE You To Start Your Business Today

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Deciding you want to start your own business is of course the first thing you do, but establishing an action to that idea of yours should be preparing for the possible. These four books are ones I researched on "Starting your own business", I went through hundreds of recommendations on Goodreads, and Pinterest until I found these. Not only will each one inspire and motivate you to start that business idea of your's, but these books make it so easy to understand and lay out in a step by step system you will have NO EXCUSE not to put that idea to work.  

Creative, INC.: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business - This book is a must for creatives like me who is a Freelance Makeup Artist. It walks you through picking out a name, legalities, and how to negotiate. Since I'm only on page 44, which is the chapter on "How To Make It Official" is the steps to obtaining a business licence, and where to go next. I also love how the authors have profiles of real creatives who give their advice on what to do and what not to do during their careers in the business. 

She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur - I literally just got this book 2 days ago, I found Carrie Greens advertisement on Facebook and it immediately intrigued me. I read her blog, Facebook posts and pre-ordered her book and to be honest I am so happy I did. This girl knew what she was doing and totally speaks to my blogger side. This book is of course geared towards female entrepreneurs but has valuable information for all genders looking to start a business. 

The Girl's Guide to Starting Your Own Business: Candid Advice, Frank Talk, and True Stories for the Successful Entrepreneur - This again is for the female entrepreneur but has useful advice for everyone. The point of this book is to mentor and inspire starting up business in todays economy, and the book was actually revised in light of the recent economic changes. It's a great book to read because it forces you to ask yourself questions that no-one else will, and make sure you are confident in your decisions.

Business Plans Made Easy: It's Not As Hard As You Think!  - Now this was a book I found years ago laying around my family cottage, and I sort of kept it with me. Which is funny because at the time I found it I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life,  I'm pretty sure it was when I first went to college for Fashion Studies or something like that. I guess I kind of always knew the I was meant to be an Entrepreneur. This is similar to those "Guides for Dummy's" books, you know those fool proof step by step ones? which are pretty standard and a good book to have in your arsenal.  

Dont Forget Your Own Book! 
By book I mean a scrapbook or inspiration/mood board. Its your first steps to branding your business and its a collection of everything you love about the business your creating. I created mine by going to Walmart and buying a pack of sheet protectors, three ring binder and any inspirational paper to put in it (mine were tares from my favourite magazines). 

New Blog Series: Ending Procrastination and Getting Everything You Want In Life;

Saturday, 4 March 2017

On new beginnings: The truth about starting a new business, and the step by step process of getting fit in 90 days. 

You could also say this is a farewell to procrastination as I launch myself head first into a new business venture, one of which I have been thinking and dreaming about for years now. I am finally at a place in my life where I feel I am capable of having the responsablitly of owning my own business, and I am blessed with a positive team that push me towards my dreams and goals. 

What I plan on accomplishing next is creating a successful beauty business, and as a writer and blogger I decided that I was going to use this platform as a way to keep myself accountable, but most importantly I want to inspire others to take advantage of my research and plans I have created to start a new journey as an entrepreneur and small business owner. This plan I will post is a step by step guide full of information and the basics of building a successful business from the ground up. I have researched a lot of logistics, but I feel it is my duty to be completely open and transparent with the emotions and thoughts associated with this endeavour. Since a huge part of business planning in my opinion, is based on your intuition and gut feelings about those dreams I think it is important to write and let you all know it is completely normal. Every week my plan is to share my plan, and give you free advice, step by step and share my thoughts about everything business. 

90 days to a strong, lean, maybe not mean... woman

I want to give credit for this idea to Amanada Bucci and Christian Guzman on Bucci Radio a podcast that Amanada created, and I think you should defiantly check it out! Christian Guzman is going to be  starting a 90 day shred vlog that he will be documenting the process in daily vlog's for the entire world to follow along on for FREE! 

So.. upon hearing this I of course could not just continue to gain weight, and eat bad. I needed to stop procrastinating going to the gym and decided I will take full advantage of this free fitness plan! The goal is to watch every video he posts on his youtube channel, recording my thoughts and take photos along the way. Did I mention Christian is also doing a sort of competition, he is giving away money and a trip to see him for the biggest transformation (I'm not sure the exact details but if you listen to that podcast I mentioned earlier you can listen to more of the details there).

You can follow me on this journey, and like I mentioned with the launch of my business I will also be sharing the dirty deats of everything. I'll share what Im thinking about while getting healthy and slim... to what I'm wearing to the gym, eating and so on for this 90 day road to becoming fit. 

My goal for each of these new blog series is the hopes of inspiring anyone to end the horrible procrastination that is getting in the way of achieving your goals and dreams! And prove to myself and the readers that you can accomplish anything you set your mind too. 

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.” - Jordan Belfort 

The Weekender

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Happy Sunday! In celebration of this day, we slept in. It was mostly due to the fact we needed a little recovery time from a little fun the night before when we had friends over. This wine I drank is probably my new favourite red, and this was my new favourite white which I highly recommend giving a try. T has been bugging me for several days to make him some banana bread, and this being the last day T is here before he leaves for work again, I thought why not make it this morning? I woke up and used this Banana bread recipe, to which I had to add a twist of course by putting in some chocolate chips and crushed walnuts. 

Im so sad that my lover is leaving for 20 days out west for work, but at the same time I’ll be keeping busy with College classes and Class Pass (Ill be going more in to detail on the exciting things this app offers in a later post). 

 Saturday night while we were having friends over, I received a horrible phone call from the Daytona Hospital. My parents and younger sister are currently in Florida, and my sister was leaving a restaurant that evening after having some drinks and was hit by a car. She is flying home tomorrow and going for surgery. So I am now going to be taking care of her, and I can’t wait for her to be home safe with me.

I hope you all had a wonderful week, please stay safe and look both ways while driving and crossing the road. xx